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The Talent,
The Artisan,
The Maker.

Introducing New York’s premier
luxury jewelry designer

Meet Carol

Your Creation is In Exceptional Hands

Carol Offman, the creative powerhouse behind Inner Expressions, is a third-generation jewelry genius with over 25 years of industry experience. Inner Expression creates custom, luxury designs for any occasion, while still operating as a full-service jewelry boutique that offers everything from repairs to redesigns. Whatever your jewelry needs, Inner Expressions has the expertise, skill, and vision to make it happen.

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The Highest Quality,
Just For You

At Inner Expressions, we don’t cut corners. From the time we spend designing your unique vision to the high-end materials we source from all corners of the globe, everything we do is the best of the best. We want each piece that comes out of our studio to be the most stunning work you’ve ever seen.

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