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The Proposal – Do’s and Don’ts

What an exciting time in your life!  You have met your soulmate, the person with whom you want to spend the rest of life, through thick and thin, ups and downs.  You just purchased the perfect engagement ring and now it’s time to think about how you are going to ‘pop’ the question.  If you are not the romantic type or the creative type, this could be a very stressful event.  So here are a few do’s and and don’t tips to help you create a memorable proposal that you and your ‘soon-to-be- fiancé’ can cherish for a lifetime:


Plan Ahead!

  • What location would provide the perfect atmosphere for this major life event?  Choose a meaningful location that fits your ‘couple style’.  This could be someplace romantic, playful and humorous, or nostalgic.  If it will be a destination proposal, then DEFINITELY PLAN WAY AHEAD!  Is a private venue, like your home or an intimate restaurant, the best place? Or maybe a public space, like the base of a bridge, ball field, or public park would be better?
  • If you are planning to go the traditional route by going down on one knee you might  want to capture the moment on camera.  If so, consider using a professional like JC Lemon Photography
  • Whether you decide to use a professional photographer or implore a friend to hide in the bushes with their IPhone/Android, make sure you both look your best in those photos.  Come up with a good story as to why you would like to treat her to a hair and makeup session.Think about using Sharon Becker and her team SB-Beauty.  If you are unsure about what to where or what she should wear, you can both benefit from a styling session by Rachel Levin Style  


  • Don’t pick a place where, if you fumble and drop the ring, you won’t be able to retrieve it.  For instance, if you are in a city setting, don’t kneel over grated openings in the sidewalk. If you are thinking about proposing at sunrise or sunset on a beautiful beach, don’t propose near or on the water and risk dropping the ring in the ocean.  I think you get the point!
  • Don’t pick a place that would be embarrassing to your partner. If you know your partner is a private person, don’t propose by putting the proposal up on the jumbotron at the football game.
  • Don’t pack the ring in your suitcase if you are planning a destination proposal.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard way too many times that people have had their jewelry stolen right out of their luggage. 

The Big Takeaway

No matter how you choose to propose, you will be creating your own story as a couple vowing to spend their lives together.  Create a story that you will, one day, be proud to tell your friends and family, and maybe someday, children and grandchildren!