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Engagement Ring – Purchasing The Diamond – Beyond the 4 C’s

Engagement Ring – Purchasing The Diamond – Beyond the 4 C’s

What are the 4 C’s

Seems like in the year 2018, most people who are searching for a diamond engagement ring have heard of the phrase “the 4 C’s,” terminology used to characterize the value of a diamond.  Let’s make sure we are all of the same page.  The 4 C’s stands for Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat (weight). These 4 characteristics were developed by the GIA, Gemological Institute of America,  to create a universal standard by which diamonds are evaluated. The GIA is the GOLD standard for grading diamonds because they are known to have the most strict guidelines of any other diamond grading entity in the world.


The 3rd C

The third C-Cut, you think describes the shape of the diamond and there are many. Lets list of just a few of the most popular shapes used in most recent years: 





Emerald Cut





However, this C actually refers to the precision and proportion of the Cut.  These factors are important to how light reflects and refracts causing the diamond to appear ‘LIVELY.’  Therefore, two diamonds can have the same color and clarity grade, but if one diamond has a Cut grade of Excellent and the other has a Cut grade of Fair, The Excellent cut diamond will appear have more ‘life’ and therefore more attractive.

Should I buy A Diamond For My Engagement Ring On-Line?

A diamond should never be bought online sight-unseen because when a diamond is purchased based on statistics alone, you miss out of the whole experience of choosing a diamond for the love of your life and you also miss out on the on the learning about the artistry behind the cutting.  The diamond cutter is the artist whose canvas is the hardest substance on earth

Beyond the Technical 4 – C’s :

Where Inner Expressions adds value to your engagement experience

To list just a few:







These C’s refer to the buying experience and none can be associated with buying a diamond online.  A personal connection is one of the most important things you should look for in selecting the person or company from whom you will be buying your engagement ring.  If you can establish a personal connection, trust will follow. Trust in the person your buying your diamond from is paramount to any of the other C’s, both, technical and non-technical.

Breaking It Down

Consultation – The person you are buying your diamond from should be willing to give you as many hours of consultation as you need so that you can feel comfortable with the final purchase.

Collaboration – You should feel like it’s more a collaboration and not a hard sell and therefore, you should be listened to and given the space to express your needs and wants.

Customization and Communication  – You should be confident that the person you are buying your engagement ring from is HONEST  and will let you know whether your budget and timing are realistic.  If not, you should be able to collaborate to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Continuation – At the end of the selection process, there should be a follow up call.  You should come away from your experience wanting to use this person for a lifetime of jewelry gifts.  After all, jewelry is the best way to create lasting memories and heirloom pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come

This is exactly the services I provide.  I nurture our relationship as if we are family members, because in some ways, we become family over the years.  I understand and hold sacred the role of providing you and your new family with the first representation of your love, to the last and all the ones in between.


Inner Expressions, where our jewelry designs are one of a kind


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